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General contract of benefit of services of and-Novate Microsystems S. of R.L of H.P.

Identification of parts that celebrate the present contract.

The company and-Novate Microsystems S. of R.L of H.P. of in future identified as “and-Novate Microsystems” or “We "" admits:

To be an in agreement society properly constituted the Mexican laws and that their representatives tell on the faculties sufficient to celebrate the present contract and that has its inscription before the Service of Tributary Administration of the government of the Mexican United States under key EMI111027LQ4.

The person who acquires the rent of the services to and-Novate Microsystems, that in future will identify as “the Client”, she admits:

That the data provided in the order of purchase are trustworthy, reason why it declares that the information that it provides is real and provable, standing out to and-Novate Microsystems of any responsibility by the falsification with which it conducts itself, by the falsification of documents or impersonation of people, names, directions or identity data that use to contract that and-Novate Microsystems serves.

That is in the heat of use of its physical faculties, mental and legal to celebrate the present contract.

In the usuary case of being individual, it guarantees that at least it has 18 years of age and that the service will not be used by a smaller person to the 18 years of age. That she is the only person in charge by the data, brands, logo, patents or symbols and colors of identification that stores in the servers of and-Novate Microsystems.

“The Client” at the time of registering in the website of and-Novate Microsystems capturing his data or in the directions,,,,, and/or when doing use of served by and-Novate Microsystems, declares and leaves as understood that she read these terms completely and agreed in celebrating the present contract of own will and to become attached to the lineaments and terms been suitable here.

This contract replaces any other oral writing or. And-Novate Microsystems can modify the present contract with previous warning. If “the Client” is not in agreement with the present contract, it is necessary that she notifies it to the sales department so that a closing of the account can be initiated, the closing of the account does not imply the return of any phelp amount. “The Client” accepts that and-Novate Microsystems as private enterprise reserves the right to reject to him and to serve for whatever reason to him or reason.


“Servant”: he means the equipment of calculation operated by and-Novate Microsystems to provide the services of lodging shared or dedicated Web.
“Direction IP”: A direction IP is a numerical label that it identifies, of logical and hierarchic way, to a device (habitually a computer) within a network that uses protocol IP (Internet Protocol). This direction is only and unique.
“Domain”: A domain name is a alphanumeric identifier that is the translation of a direction IP in Internet of a servant or equipment of calculation, a single Web server can serve multiple webpages as multiple domains.
“Shared Hosting or shared hosting”: It is understood as service of hosting shared or shared hosting the lodging of websites in which the account of “the Client” shares the resources of one or several servers as they are it memory, hard disk and processor with other users.
“Inodes”: An inode contains the characteristics (permissions, dates, location, but NOT the name) of a regular, directory file, or any other object that can contain the system of files in the operating system Linux.
“Limitless”: It is understood as limitless resource what has supported to the Web plan hosting or the typical of the engaged servant, that is to say who do not affect or on pass some other resource as lodged memory, use of CPU or another service.


Hereby contract “the Client” contract the services of lodging Web in a servant shared provided by and-Novate Microsystems for its use, where it will be able to lodge the contents of his website, e-mail, applications and information generally of “the Client”, as long as these do not contravene the terms of this contract, and with the limitations that the applicable legislation imposes on tactical missions.


FIRST. Conditions for the benefit of services

The services of shared hosting or hosting shared are not recommendable for websites or systems of which the economic activity depends partially total or on the “Client” and/or his users, due to the type of the shared service, since they are highly susceptible to faults generated by third parties or the constant use of other users, thus the “Client” defines to and-Novate Microsystems of any loss that gets to him to generate any fault in this type on watch. In this case a dedicated servant recommends itself, in whom the account of the client will be the unique one to whom on watch the servant.

All service proveido by and-Novate Microsystems only will be activated when it has verified that the payment is realised in their totality and applied correctly.

The only means of payment accepted by and-Novate Microsystems are deposits in window in cash or check and banking transference in anyone of our accounts indicated in you order them of purchase emitted by our electronic mediums and credit cards VISA, Mastercard, American Express. Payments by no other means are not accepted.

“The Client” will be able to realise the payment of his services by means of bank deposit in window in the banks that and-Novate Microsystems indicates, the payments by this means are necessary that it digitizes the proof of deposit and that this is totally legible so that it sends it by email, this to confirm the payment, and-Novate Microsystems is defined of any deposit not clearly or not reflected.

It is responsibility of “the Client” to notify the payments by means of deposit or banking transference, otherwise the services will not be activated if it does not provide the test of the payment by means of I scan of the proof of deposit or indicates the number of electronic transaction.

In case the realised payment has not been applied correctly will be notified and will tell to him on only 3 days to return to realise the corresponding payment, if “the Client” fails in returning to realise his total payment in any indicated means previously the account will be terminated without no responsibility for and-Novate Microsystems.

Our sales staff will verify the veracity of the proportionate data and registered in our systems before, during and after activating the contracted services, any account in which is detected personal data or fiscal imprecise it will ask for itself to him that they are corrected and/or verified. In case of providing false data the account will be terminated without previous warning and no reimbursement will be emitted.

“The Client” who realises the registry and the hiring of services to and-Novate Microsystems will be the only authorized person to ask for changes and updates in the account, independently if has been the person or company who realised the payment for the benefit of the services proveidos by and-Novate Microsystems.

The hirings of dedicated servers or hirings of high risk will be necessary that it provides to us with an official identification, this will be the one that and-Novate Microsystems creates advisable and will have to be emitted by any institution of government of the country of its residence. In case of being moral person the charter will be asked for to him. Of being necessary it will be asked for to him I scan of the credit card with which it realised the purchase to avoid frauds.

Once to “the Client” an order of purchase has been emitted him will count on only 5 days to realise the corresponding total payment, otherwise the order of purchase will be cancelled.

The services will be activated and registered in agreement the order of purchase indicates it, and-Novate Microsystems is not made person in charge by mistakes committed by “the Client” when generate the respective order of purchase, if it wishes to realise a correction in the fiscal data, order of purchase of user or data, “the Client” must ask for to the sales department these corrections before the services are activated, later can be generated extra positions by corrections manuals.

In the case of hiring of domains, and-Novate Microsystems does not become person in charge if the asked for domain or were registered on the other person, company or institution at the time of realising the payment by the service.

The use of the services contracted and-Novate Microsystems requires certain level of knowledge in the use of languages, Internet, protocols and software. This level of knowledge varies following the use of the service. “The Client” accepts that it is not responsibility of and-Novate Microsystems providing these knowledge or to give support outside the specific subjects related to the services of and-Novate Microsystems.

And-Novate Microsystems offers of courtesy in the services of lodging Web additional tools for the administration of the sites, as they are it remote access to the data bases, constructors of websites and remote access to the data by means of virtual disks reason why does not occur any guarantee of availability on these tools. Some of these tools are only available in select plans.

“The Client” when contracting a shared service “Shared Hosting” is conscious in that she will not have administrative permissions or of super user on the servant or any service by reasons for security and privacy of the data of the other users provided with accomodations in this type of services. In order to count on these permissions and accesses they will have to contract to a VPS or Dedicated Servant where its account will be the unique one that provides with accomodations the servant.

“The Client” when contracting a service with and-Novate Microsystems will have access to the Extranet portal for the administration of his account, the Extranet portal is an automated system that manages the accounts of hosting shared, virtual domains, private servers and dedicated servers whom it has engaged “the Client”. “The Client” accepts that when doing any modification in the configurations by defect established in the services through the Extranet portal, is under responsibility of “the Client”, reason why defines to and-Novate Microsystems of any problem, failure or loss of data that this originates in the service when realising any modification.

“The Client” accepts that he will be responsible by any additional consumption that has in the services contracted and-Novate Microsystems and that the accumulated ones will have to be phelp at the end of every month.

In case “the Client” maintains a pending balance to pay to and-Novate Microsystems by more than 7 days, and-Novate Microsystems has the right to realise an automatic position to the account or credit card of debit of “the Client” to cover the indebted balance and positions by blackberry that can be applied.

In case a debit by more stays than 15 days and “the Client” it does not eliminate the total amount owed and/or additional positions if it applies, “the Client” is conscientious in which and-Novate Microsystems can ask for the services of agencies of recovery of portfolio, the collection of the amount owed to “the Client”, and “the Client” will be responsible to cover the additional expenses of collection that these services apply.

“The Client” accepts that the service of technical support will only lend by means indicated in the table of Web plans hosting shared or shared hosting being services and-BASIC and-BASIC Extra only by ticket/mail and the superiors and equals to and-Pro by means of ticket or chat, the service of support by chat this subject to availability, the only plans with telephone technical support is the dedicated services enterprise as the Virtual one Deprives Dedicated Server and Servidores to you. In order to contact to technical support by means of e-mail it will only be able to make it from the email address whom it has registered in the system, any originating message of another registered email address the message will not be discarded, this measurement is to only give to attention and priority to the subjects of the active and registered users.

“The Client” accepts that to be able to cancel the rent of a Dedicated Servant she will have to notify it 5 days before his victory, later will have to cover the total of the cost of the renovation, in case of a refusal in realising the payment, and-Novate Microsystems will have the right to suspend all the services that “the Client” has contracted until the total of the corresponding monthly instalment and surcharges is covered that could be applied.

“The Client” accepts that she will maintain a suitable endorsement of all their information that she has stored in the servers of and-Novate Microsystems, reason why defines to and-Novate Microsystems of any responsibility by the loss of data that will pudierá to happen.

“The Client” accepts that to realise any ignorance of payment or contracargo with his financial institution, she will give rise to the immediate completion of the present contract without previous warning, reason why all the services contracted without exception will be eliminated, without right to no other reimbursement or recovery of services.

“The Client” accepts that she will not indirectly initiate directly or any type of claim, action, demand or procedure against and-Novate Microsystems in case of happening any fault or loss in the services that and-Novate Microsystems provides.

SECOND. Service of lodging of webpages shared

The installation and loads of the websites, applications or scripts in the servant is responsibility of “the Client”, thus also “the Client” must make sure that these are safe and that its installation has been realised correctly.

“The Client” will have would assure that all file and folder stored in his account she has assigned the correct permissions, these must be established in 644 for archives and 755 for folders in services under the operating system Linux.

The services of lodging shared Web are conditional by the policy of right use of resources in the servers of and-Novate Microsystems. The resources available for their use estan certain or limited according to the plan contracted by “the Client”, this has the purpose of avoiding abuses that can bring about instability in the servers affecting to other users, which are detailed in the following table, the one that complements the presented ones in our website of hiring of services.

Table of right use of resources for lodging plans shared Web.

Resources by individual account to e-Starter And-BASIC And-BASIC Extra And-Pro And-Pro Extra e-Business e-Enterprise
Concurrent connections 5 20 25 30 35 40 50
Connections IMAP, MGP, smtp 1 20 20 20 20 20 20
Maximum use of virtual memory ** 350 Megabyte 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Use of RAM (90 Second Maximum) ** 100 Megabyte 500 Megabyte 600 Megabyte 700 Megabyte 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Use of CPUs (90 Second Maximum) 15,00% 50,00% 50,00% 60,00% 60,00% 70,00% 80,00%
Amount of post office sent per hour 50 150 200 250 300 400 500
Total capacity MySQL/PostgreSQL 100 Megabyte 500 Megabyte 700 Megabyte 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Total capacity SQL Server 50 Megabyte 500 Megabyte 700 Megabyte 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 6 GB
Capacity by data base 50 Megabyte 200 Megabyte 300 Megabyte 350 Megabyte 500 Megabyte 2 GB 5 GB
Max Upload Files 10 Megabyte 15 Megabyte 15 Megabyte 30 Megabyte 30 Megabyte 50 Megabyte 50 Megabyte
To ask for opening of ports *** NO NO NO IF IF IF IF
Amount of Inodes/Archives 10,000 60,000 80,000 150,000 200,000 300,000 500,000

 Table of right use of resources for lodging plans Web for users of remarketers.

Resources by individual account to e-Starter And-BASIC And-Pro e-Business e-Enterprise
Concurrent connections 10 15 20 25 30
Connections IMAP, MGP, smtp 20 20 20 20 20
Maximum use of virtual memory 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Use of RAM (90 Second Maximum) 300 Megabyte 400 Megabyte 500 Megabyte 600 Megabyte 700 Megabyte
Use of CPUs (90 Second Maximum) 50,00% 50,00% 60,00% 60,00% 70,00%
Amount of post office sent per hour 100 150 200 350 500
Maximum Quota by mail mailbox 1 GB 2,5 GB 5 GB 7 GB 10 GB
Total Quota mail 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB
Total Quota MySQL 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB 5 GB
Total Quota SQL Server 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB 5 GB
Max Upload Files 20 Megabyte 20 Megabyte 20 Megabyte 20 Megabyte 20 Megabyte
Amount of Inodes/Archives 50,000 70,000 100,000 150,000 200,000

The resources marked with double asterisk (**) do not apply for the services of lodging shared Web JAVA since these services have including ram memory reserved in each plan.

*** The request of opening of ports will only come in case the port does not interfere with installed services or in the servant or that they generally put in risk the security of the service. The port that this prohibited in all the cases is number 22.

THIRD. Lodging of websites for adults

And-Novate Microsystems by no circumstance allows the storage or diffusion of any content for adults who contain people smaller to 18 years of age.

“The Client” of lodging of websites for adults is in agreement in which and-Novate Microsystems daily reviews the content of its website for protection against child pornography and/or illegal content.

Any client who is found in their account child pornography and/or illegal content their account will be finished of immediate way like this agreement and the found content will be passed to the competent authorities and institutions that deserve it in All the cases.

A position by $15.000 MXN (Mexican pesos) will be applied to any client who is him providing with accomodations child pornography and its account will be eliminated permanently.

And-Novate Microsystems reserves the right to eliminate and to finish to criterion any website with content for adults.

FOURTH. Lodging of websites for remarketers

The client who counts on a service of lodging remarketer Web will be responsible for his users and must make sure that their users do not violate any part of the terms and conditions that are contents in this contract.

If and-Novate Microsystems has knowledge that the users of the remarketer are in frank violation to the terms and conditions agreed in this instrument, and-Novate Microsystems has the right to suspend of form immediate the account of the user, until in as much the user of the remarketer is become attached to the lineaments contained here.

The remarketer shared in common indicates to be responsible for the acts or omissions that their clients realise, therefore will respond in equal term that they before violations to this contract, as well as to the commission of crimes against third parties or the society.

And-Novate Microsystems is not responsible by the battles that the remarketers that contract their services, much less by the actions or omissions conduct that the clients of the users or remarketers commit.

The remarketer can yield its clients to and-Novate Microsystems, nevertheless for it a document or previous certainty by means of e-mail will have to exist in which the remarketer asks for the cession of clients, and consequently and-Novate Microsystems will have to extend the acceptance of the propose cession, nevertheless this cession will have to be free of any civil or penal responsibility, without it means a supervisory substitution or an obligation and charge acceptance contracted by the yielded clients.

The remarketers will not have to create packages of lodging Web that contain characteristics that and-Novate Microsystems does not offer, despite can offer packages created by they themselves as long as they are become attached to the services that and-Novate Microsystems offers.

The remarketers estan conscientious in which the contracted service is of the type shared hosting, that is to say that shares the servant and their resources with other users reason why the service are highly susceptible to faults generated by other clients.

VILLA. Service of e-mail

“The Client” will not be able to send mail trash or bulk e-mail (shipment of massive mail) through our network, in the same way will not be able to promote any site provided with accomodations in our network being used mail trash or bulk mail (shipment of massive mail).

The shipment of massive post office (bulk e-mail) or solicitd or not solicitd, not this allowed in our services, the accounts of the users who realise shipments of massive post office could be suspended temporarily or limited without previous warning, the allowed number of post office sent per hour is specified in the table of right use of resources of the present contract, thus is also not allowed to send this number allowed in a short lapse of time, example of 1 to 5 minutes.

The maximum number of mail adressees is of 50 by message in all the plans.

“The Client” will try that all the mail that is sent, is in agreement to all the legislations that could apply (including the legal protection of the information) and safely.

“The Client” has prohibited the shipment of massive automatic notifications in services by email shared.

“The Client” will only be able to create accounts of mail with alphanumeric characters and that really needs, the client whom she is surprised to them creating mailboxes of mail of automatic way and/or having an exaggerated amount of mailboxes without using the account will be suspended.

And-Novate Microsystems does not allow the shipment of mail without authenticating, “the Client” will have to implement authentication smtp in his scripts to be able to send mail from his websites and/or applications.

Tolerance zero on Spam shipment

And-Novate Microsystems has zero tolerance with respect to the shipment of e-mail asked for not known as Spam.

Spam is considered all message of e-mail that contains the following typical:

“The Client” does not demonstrate the legal means by which she has in mail possession ready. “The Client” also must have means sufficient to demonstrate the will of the receiver in receiving his message.

“The Client” does not include in the message, a clear subject, clear descriptive lines of the intention of the message, a valid email address, a way simple and obvious to eliminate “with a single click” the subscription, a name of natural person or moral, physical address and telephone of contact.

“The Client” sends a message of irrelevant context little or clearly.

“The Client” has bought or interchanged email addresses.

If the kind content against the moral and moral convention, including subjects as, but without limiting a: sexual racism, belief religious or preferences.

SIXTH. Availability of the services of lodging shared and dedicated Web

And-Novate Microsystems will use the greater reasonable effort to do that the servant and the service this available one for “the Client” in the time that lasts the contract, nevertheless in any event, and-Novate Microsystems will not be responsible by interruptions for the service or the time that the servant this out of line by the causes nonimputable to and-Novate Microsystems, that they prevent him to use the services that provide our servers who specify themselves in the following points.

Any act or omission of our clients, including not exclusively to any negligence, premeditaded act or bad use of our services or equipment that it prevents us to provide our services.

Failure of “the Client” in reporting quickly the incident and opening a support ticket.

Problems other people's to our network of servers (suppliers of Internet to our network, failure in shipment/e-mail reception, denial-of-service attacks, failure in connection of “the Client”, problems in the computer of “the Client” or any other fault other people's to and-Novate Microsystems).

Interruptions or failures of services individual, imputable to software of third parts (Operating system, software of Control Panels, drivers, etc), abuse of clients or sobreuse of resources.

Interruptions caused by terrorist, hackeos natural disasters, acts or any other event that it prevents us to serve.

Programmed maintenances: The maintenances of prevention and revision of our servers take to end each third or the fourth Sunday of every month as of the 0:00 hours, being able to all night extend, in case it must interrupt the service by greater time will issue an official notice, in this point no guarantee of availability or uptime it is valid for being a vital work to support the correct operation our services.

 SEVENTH. Content and prohibited activities in services of lodging shared and dedicated Web

The services provided to “the Client” and their account cannot more be transferred or be used by anybody than to the client who contract. If one is that its account has been transferred to another part or shows another type of activity that violates this point, and-Novate Microsystems has the right to cancel the account and to finish to the service and/or this agreement of immediate way without emitting some reimbursement.

“The Client” or his website will not be able to consume of excessive way the resources of the system, including but not limited, to cycles of the processor, and memory, in case of doing violence to this point and-Novate Microsystems has the right to restrict, to limit, to suspend or to eliminate the contracted service of “the Client” by the excessive use of resources without any responsibility for and-Novate Microsystems.

“The Client” represents, assumes and guarantees to and-Novate Microsystems that will only use the account assigned for legal intentions. In particular, “the Client” represents, guarantees and assumes to and-Novate Microsystems the following thing:

“The Client” will not use the servant or any service contracted with and-Novate Microsystems in any way that infringes any law or regulation or that damages the rights of third parts, in the same way will not allow nor would authorize any other person to realise it.

“The Client” cannot publish, direct or transmit:

Any material that this outside threatening, abusive, malicious, slanderous, obscene, blasfemante, profanante the law, or any other objectionable one in any sense.

Any material that contains virus or another type of computer program that is hostile.

Any material that constitutes, or foments to commit a criminal offense or that infringes any patent, trademark, rights of designs, Copyright © 2019 TouchWebDesign or any other type of intellectual property of any person who can subsist under laws of any jurisdiction.

And-Novate Microsystems reserves the right to remove without previous warning any information that considers unsuitable for its website. And-Novate Microsystems does not allow the lodging of Warez or audio illegal content of and video (ex. “The Client” will only have to store audio and/or video if she owns the Copyright © 2019 TouchWebDesign of the same), thus also this totally prohibited the use of connections anywhere that direct to sites with this type of illegal content.

And-Novate hidden Microsystems does not allow the use daemons as IC bots; eggdrop; BitchX; XiRCON; and any other program that interferes with the normal operation of the servant.

And-Novate Microsystems does not allow that they are operated in shared services: IRC Server, IRC bots, or IRC shells. For the use of these programs it is necessary to engage a dedicated servant or VPS (Virtual Server Prevails to you).

And-Novate Microsystems does not allow the use and lodging of torrents in anyone of served or hosting shared, Dedicated VPS or Servers.

And-Novate Microsystems does not allow to make use of the data bases provided with accomodations in the service shared for applications or external sites, only allow the use of the data bases for sites or applications provided with accomodations in the servant. The remote access to the data bases is exclusive for its administration through database managers as Workbench, SQL Server Management Studio or similars and is only available for and-Pro plans or superiors.

And-Novate Microsystems does not allow the lodging of websites and/or content that include the following typical:

Pornographic sites that smaller people of 18 years contain.

Refusal on watch (Two, Denial of Service) denial-of-service attacks to network devices.

“Falsification”. To falsify a direction IP, name of host (hostname), e-mail or headed (to header).

“Site of Fraud”. To provide with accomodations or to connect to some site that has the intention to deceive the public, including pyramidal schemes and methods of fraudulent investment.

“Hacking” or “Cracking”. To draw for or to try to draw for security systems of network devices to obtain nonauthorized access to a system by any means.

“Robbery of identity” to provide with accomodations, to distribute or to connect to information of robbed accounts.

“Infection” to provide with accomodations, to distribute or to connect to Exploits, Trojan horses, Virus or Worms.

“IRC Malicious or not allowed” to malicious Use of the service of Internet Relay Chat or use of the same without our previous approval.

“Proxy and Relay” to provide with accomodations an Uncertain Proxy (Proxy Open) or Uncertain Relay (Open Relay). To abuse the vulnerability of a Proxy of a Third party.

“Phishing” All fraudulent process to try to acquire sensitive data as but user names of, detail of confidence and credit card are not limited password, having become to happen through a safe organization through an electronic communication.

“I scan” I scan of vulnerabilities of network devices.

“Shells” any script or code shell.

Backup storage, the service of Web hosting shared only this limited the normal storage of archives, that is to say, data and archives of the websites and e-mail, does not stop repositorio and/or backup storage of archives of any type.

Sites of storage of images such as Photobucket or TinyPic.

Sites of investments, such as Forex, E-Gold Exchange, Linden Exchange.

Sites of games of chance as virtual lottery or casinos.

Sites of transmission in line of events live or deferred such as Soccer, Motoring, Concerts.


Sharing link, Sites of connections of unloadings of illegal content.

Since our suppliers of connectivity are in the United States of America, our services of Internet are submitted to the laws of embargo of that country reason why and-Novate Microsystems does not allow the export or re-export from our services and technology to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Korea of North, Sudan and Syria.

EIGHTH. Endorsement of data

And-Novate Microsystems by reasons for security has the service of automatic endorsement of data, which runs once to the week and this it replaces to the generated previous endorsement. It is responsibility of “the Client” to have his own endorsements of data, independent of the fact that by reasons for security and-Novate Microsystems it realises temporary copies of the data.

“The Client” accepts in maintaining a suitable endorsement of all their account to avoid lost or the damage of the data stored in the servant.

Any account with a greater use of 20GB of space in thousands disc or 100 inodes, will be discarded of our service of automatic endorsement, this to avoid damages in the file system of the storage units and to avoid the high load that this can generate in the servant when being realised the endorsement.

NOVENA. Domains

All the domains that the Client” through and-Novate Microsystems registers “are property of “the Client” and they are registered to his name, if it does not decide to renew his contract of hosting can renew only the domain with and-Novate Microsystems or transfer it to another supplier as long as it does not apply anyone of the following clauses.

All the domains registered with and-Novate Microsystems could only be transferred to another supplier before 5 days natural of the date of victory and 60 days natural after only to be registered or renewed.

“The Client” accepts that any problem related to the transference of originating domains of another supplier is not responsibility of and-Novate Microsystems

The domains contracted with and-Novate Microsystems promotional cost in any campaign of discounts could not be transferred to another supplier during 2 years.

Once a domain has won or it less than has left 5 days natural to win will not be possible to transfer it with another supplier and will be necessary to renew it with and-Novate Microsystems.

If the domain is not renewed in time, once this it has won, “the Client” loses all ownership on after the ninth payable day of, reason why the domain can be put in auction or being acquired by any other person or company without no responsibility for and-Novate Microsystems.

The name of domain registered by “the Client” does not have to interfere nor to be related to any trademark, commercial name or any other famous name, since in case of dispute by the domain name, and-Novate Microsystems is defined of any responsibility. In case some part credits the ownership by means of registered documentation name brand, the domain will be yielded the proprietor of the trademark and no reimbursement will be emitted to the registrante of the domain.

Once the domain has won must up to 15 days natural to renew it to the price indicated in the order of renovation of services, later a position will be made of restoration of $90 USD (American Dollars) more IVA.

All transference of domains towards another supplier takes from 5 to 10 days natural after the change of supplier has been asked for correctly.

All renewed domain taking 90 days so that it is eliminated and cannot be returned to register as new.

TENTH. Contract completion

If “the Client” fails in the payment of any debt that she has with and-Novate Microsystems, and-Novate Microsystems can suspend all contracted service and/or finish this agreement of immediate way without giving previous warning him.

If “the Client” fails in the fulfillment of anyone of the terms and conditions of this contract, and-Novate Microsystems can suspend the service and/or to finish this contract of immediate way without giving him to previous warning and in this case any reimbursement will not be approved.

“The Client” can cancel the services at any time. To cancel the plans phelp partially will give rise to the immediate suspension of or the service (s). For the plans phelp annually, the account will be finished in the end of the period of 12 months.

In the completion in this agreement or the suspension of the services it will give right and-Novate Microsystems immediately to block his account and to eliminate all the stored data.

When and-Novate Microsystems receives a request of completion of the account, this request will be realised if it contains test enough that came from “the Client” who contract the account. Such required information is: account number, user and password. And-Novate Microsystems will be able to ask for to “the Client” any other document or information to him that considers necessary to verify its identity.

When a request of valid contract completion is received, the account will be eliminated immediately, as well as any data stored in her. We did not accept the completion requests that ask for the cancellation in a future date.

And-Novate Microsystems has the right to immediately eliminate without previous warning any account and/or service if it detects that the personal data or of company that have registered is false.

“The Client” must up to 10 days natural to renew the contracted services of hosting shared and in case of having contracted a dedicated service as She beaches Metal Server or VPS she must up to 7 days natural to realise the renovation, in case and-Novate Microsystems does not have registered the total payment of the cost of renovation of the services of “the Client”, and-Novate Microsystems has the right to eliminate through its automated systems, any data and endorsements of the account of “the Client” in the servers of and-Novate Microsystems and to cancel the account aperturada by “the Client”.

ELEVENTH. Reimbursements

The reimbursements only can be asked for by “the Client” if the payment were made by means of debit or credit card within the same month in which it realised the hiring of the services of lodging Web shared for the first time, not in renovations.

The requests of cancellation and reimbursements will only be taken care of in the [email protected] mailbox and by means of ticket the department Attention the Client.

The payment by concept of Registry, Renovation and Transference of Domains, Renovations of any Service, Directions IP, Additional Memory, additional Heap-Size, Certificates SSL, Consultations, VPN Access, technical Support is not reimbursable in any case.

The payment by the rent of virtual servers deprived VPS, or dedicated servers are not reimbursable.

The payments done in bank account or collector in cash are not reimbursable in any case.

The payments done in tax collecting account by means of system PSE, transference or in cash in Colombia are not reimbursable.

The payments done in tax collecting account in cash or banking transference in Peru are not reimbursable.

And-Novate Microsystems will ask for the documentation necessary to “the Client” to be able to come with the reimbursement, if it does not fulfill this documentation will not be approved the reimbursement. Such documents can be official identification, charter of the company, certificate of the RFC and any other document that and-Novate Microsystems creates necessary.

The reimbursement approved by our administration the first 5 working days of the month following to the month will be emitted that realised the request without exception.

Once approved the reimbursable amount by our administration, the account and its data they will be eliminated immediately, reason why and-Novate Microsystems does not become person in charge by the information nonendorsed by “the Client”.

In case of doing violence to or not fulfilling some point of the present contract, no reimbursement will be approved of being solicitd, kind to recover any amount phelp in cases of abuse and infringimientos of contract, this conscientious one in which and-Novate Microsystems can initiate legal procedures against “the Client” who it contracted the service and “the Client” will be responsible for the expenses that this originates.

TWELFTH. Invoicing

By fiscal disposition, the invoice will be sent according to the data that are registered in our system. The invoices will be generated in a lapse of 24horas after to have realised their payment by the total amount. In case of not registering the fiscal data it has until the last day of the month in which it realised the payment to ask for the invoice, later no longer will be possible his elaboration.

Our clients will be able to add several data of invoicing in their account, nevertheless will only be able to issue an invoice by order.
Once sent the invoice changes, cancellations and/or returns of money will not be allowed. By virtue of the previous thing, we begged to verify the invoicing data very well before coming to carry out its order.

THIRTEENTH. Jurisdiction

In case of dispute between “the Client” and-Novate Microsystems, the parts agree conscious and in being put under the Courts and the substantive and adjective laws of the State of Durango, Mexico, to dissolve their differences. Reason why they resign to any charter and legislation that them could be applicable because of its present or future address or by any other cause.

In case and-Novate Microsystems or its owners or shareholders are involved in judicial or administrative procedures by the conducts or activities that the Client unfolds “”, this last one will be made person in charge of the costs and expenses that it originates.

Previous terms and conditions of use constitute agreement legal between “Client” and-Novate Microsystems, in which “Client” as usuary it is committed in fulfilling these terms and conditions when doing use of the services that lends and-Novate to him Microsystems, until the term of the contract.

For any doubt that it has put yourself in touch with us to the [email protected] email address

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